Black Bear Hunting

Your Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunt will be a memory that stays with you a lifetime. Our hassle-free Bear Hunts are focused on your success. Our black bear hunting territory covers 115,000 acres of prime wilderness consisting of forest, lakes, streams, meadows all creating natural bear movement alleys. We set our baits and hunting stands in prime high traffic locations. The Primrose Air Weapons Range is on the West side of our hunting territory which means we border a no-hunting zone, less pressure on the black bear population. There has been limited hunting in the territory for 2012 to 2017 so populations are very strong.

Let's Go Hunting

We average 95% Bear Hunting success rate and 100% shooting opportunity. We target bears with 19-21″ skulls with a wide range of color phase including blonde, black, brown, and cinnamon. While the most common colour is black, many hunters will have sightings and an opportunity for a colour phase bear. Approximately 20% of the bears in our area are colour phase bears.  We usually run 20-25 baits out several weeks before the seasons begin, and we will be sure to place you over a bait that has been active on the trail cams. Using ATVs and our covered transport trailers we will drive you to your stand or blind in the early afternoon and pick you up around dusk.