Hunting Gear

What to Bring for Whitetail Hunting or Black Bear Hunting

We like to take care of our hunters and we have some of the essentials on hand if you need a spare of something, but here is the essential whitetail hunting gear list while hunting with us. Depending on the season, weather in our hunting territory can range from a comfortable day time high as much as 10 degrees Celcius (50 degrees Farenheit) to lows of -25 Celcius (-13 degrees Farenheit). Weather conditions can change quickly so be prepared, bring too much, you just might need it!

  • Your choice of weapon and a soft case to put it into in order to transfer the weapon from camp to your stand. (No pistols in Canada)
  • Extra clothes for seven days, towels, wash cloth, bar of soap, and shampoo.
  • If you are hunting with a rifle, you must have a white or orange suit with an orange hat.
  • If you are hunting with a bow or muzzleloader, you can wear camouflage clothing.
  • Insect suit or head net as well as insect repellent.
  • Tall, waterproof hiking boots or rubber boots and a pair of shoes for around camp.
  • Flashlight
  • Snacks for your hunting stand (chips, chocolate bars, granola bars, etc).
  • Camera and lots of memory/storage.
  • We recommend a “boot blanket” to place between your feet and floor of the blinds/stands.  The stands are heated plywood shelters but the floors will still be cold.
  • For Whitetail hunting in November, you can expect to spend extended periods of time in cold temperatures with potentially high wind chills. Some modern hunting gear such as battery power heated jackets, boots, and gloves can help you outlast the elements. Hot Shot hand and foot warmers are also a great item to have handy.

Choice of Weapon

Most hunts occur in wooded areas where stands are positioned to give you prime shooting opportunities of 30 to 100 yards but some shots along cut lines or natural meadows may range up to 250 yards. Make sure your weapon is sighted in properly and you have practiced at various distances. You would hate to miss the trophy of a lifetime because you haven’t practiced at that range.